Celebrating Pride Month

Celebrating Pride Month

7th July 2022

Pride month has come to an end, but our commitment to the LGBTQ+ communities continues.

Equality and inclusivity are core pillars of City & Essex, we are committed to creating, nurturing, and maintaining a diverse and inclusive environment, one where our employees and clients feel valued, respected and happy. We are proud to have such a diverse team, one filled with all genders, sexual orientations, ages and backgrounds.

Last year, we donated to the organisation; Just Like Us, and hearing how donations such as ours impacted the lives of young people over the year was incredibly inspiring;

“In October 2021, we trained over 145 amazing LGBT+ 18-25 year olds to become our new Just Like Us ambassadors, who will go on to deliver talks and workshops championing LGBT+ equality and inclusion in schools. During the prior school year, our ambassadors reached over 22,500 young people in schools through these sessions.”

This June, we donated to the Mosaic LGBT+ Young Person’s Trust, an organisation focused on supporting, educating, and inspiring young LGBTQ+ persons and those around them. Our donation will help pay for an intergenerational event that helps to bring older and younger people together to challenge prejudice and help build a kinder LGBTQ+ community for all.

The Mosaic Trust is doing some important work in helping support and transform the lives of young persons across London. We are excited to be part of their journey and learn more about how they are building a better future for the community.

Click the links below to learn more about these charities and what they are doing for the LGBTQ+ communities.