Ever wondered what happens to your general waste once it is collected? We did. So we visited the largest Energy from Waste facility in the UK.

Located on the banks of the River Thames, Cory Riverside Energy turns 785000 tonnes of London's non-recyclable waste a year into carbon efficient electricity. Waste that would otherwise have gone to landfill is taken to this facility to use as feedstock to generate c.525,000 MWh of electricity each year.

It's unique river-based infrastructure transports London’s waste on a fleet of barges,removing around 100,000 truck movements a year off the capital’s roads.

City & Essex met with commercial waste and recycling partners -  ERESE Ltd for a waste educational experience day at the facility.

Our team were taken through each individual stage of the process starting at the waste tipping bay and the 10,000 tonne waste bunker. The waste is mixed and placed into the incinerator while the combustion chamber directs the gases into the electricity generation. This stage takes the heat from the flue gases to boil the water in the boiler tubes, turning the water into steam. The steam is then super heated creating steam that drives the turbine, driving the generator, producing electricity.

City & Essex had a fantastic day and were genuinely taken back by the magnitude of the operation and stunned by how well maintained and meticulous the site was.

We would like to thank Sheldon Payne, Director of ERESE Ltd and his team for arranging the day and Cory Riverside Energy for allowing us a full tour of their incredible facility. 

Our Team have walked away with a better understanding of the Energy to Waste system, and how every individual has a responsibility in reducing their personal impact on the environment.