New eco fleet hits the road

New eco fleet hits the road

Our new ultra low emission cars are out and about this month sporting the new branding.

In 2006, City & Essex took the initiative to change its fleet to the fuel efficient Toyota hybrid range in an effort to reduce its company carbon footprint.

10 years on and 2 hybrids in, we are thrilled to be unveiling the new Toyota Yaris Icon MK3 as our latest 4 wheeled eco-warrior.

The Yaris is a small hybrid car delivering all the advantages of hybrid motoring without any compromise in practicality. Ideal for urban driving, it is able to complete many journeys on electric power alone.

Unlike the Prius, the Yaris Hybrid uses a more conventional hybrid set up and achieves its low CO2 output through a combination of light weight and clever electronics. 

So impressive are its eco credentials that it is one of only a handful of vehicles exempt from the London Congestion Charge under current guidelines.

As part of this new generation of sustainability, we have installed a sophisticated vehicle monitoring system to record mileage, speed and day to day routes.  This will allow us to educate our drivers in more economical techniques, giving real-time information.  The vehicle tracking system also allows us to identify which vehicle is the closest when we need to respond quickly to customer call outs and emergencies.