Supporting Projects For Change: Wind Energy in Thailand

Supporting Projects For Change: Wind Energy in Thailand

25th January 2022

Ecologi has given us the platform to support sustainable projects across the globe so that we can help facilitate change to the people and places that really need it.

One of the Gold Standard verified initiatives we have supported through our window cleaning division Advance Cleaning is the production of electricity using wind power in Northeast Thailand.

Thailand’s energy consumption follows the same trends as most other countries, they have historically used fossil fuels to meet their needs. However, as new regulations are implemented to reduce global emissions, the use of fossil fuels must shift to more sustainable means to reach those targets.

As a result of these regulations, in recent years Thailand has been producing more energy from renewable sources which include wind power. This is undoubtedly a positive step, butthe demand for energy in Thailand is also expected to increase by 78% by 2036, so there is an urgent need to increase the amount of energy Thailand can produce, with a growing proportion of this energy coming from renewable sources.”

The projects that are supported through Ecologi in this area will help to generate over 500,000 MWh of electricity every year which will be fed into Thailand’s national grid. Onshore wind farms have small footprints, typically using no more than 1 percent of the land they sit on, so grazing, farming, recreation, or conservation can happen simultaneously with power generation. What’s more, it takes one year or less to build a wind farm—quickly producing energy.”

Promoting inclusive and sustainable economic growth and employment is a key factor in cementing long-term change. This project provides 80 jobs to local people who operate the two wind power plants, as well as providing local support, development and activities annually, including community festivals, educational projects, and sports days.”

Partnering with Ecologi, we can support projects that align with the United Nations Sustainable Development Goals. Below are the goals recognised by this project:

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