Supporting the Ukraine Crisis

Supporting the Ukraine Crisis

4th March 2022

Four million people are expected to be displaced as homes are being destroyed or becoming unsafe to live in due to the urban combat and airstrikes across Ukraine. This has had shocking consequences for ordinary people, with critical infrastructures such as health facilities, water supplies and schools being damaged or destroyed.

Families are either staying to protect their home nation or fleeing to neighbouring countries, leaving their loved ones and homes with only the items they can carry. They now face an uncertain future.

As a family business with a highly diverse team from all over the world, we are truly devastated by what is unfolding and believe that businesses should not stand idly by.

We have connected with the Disaster Emergency Committee (DEC) to provide support at this crucial time. We recognise that many of our clients and employees are either publicly or privately supporting organisations such as DEC but hope that our donation can make an impact and others will join us to support those in need.

DEC charities are in Ukraine and neighbouring countries, meeting the needs of all refugees and displaced people providing food, water, shelter, and medical assistance.

The UK Government is currently matching pound-for-pound up to £20 million donated by the public to this appeal, and so, we have donated £10,000 to support those in need.

Click the picture to find out more about the Disaster Emergency Committee. 

14th March 2022

As of the 14th of March 2022, the City & Essex Just Giving Page for the DEC Ukraine Humanitarian Appeal has now closed.

With help from our workforce, suppliers, and clients, we donated £11,590 to the Disasters Emergency Committee. 

Thank you to everyone that has donated, we are grateful to each of you for your support, compassion and generosity, and we are hopeful that this will make a difference.