Celebrating our Diversity

Celebrating our Diversity

At City & Essex, we are committed to LGBTQ+ inclusion and believe in the power of equality, vocally and visibly supporting the LGBTQ+ community inside and outside of City & Essex.

This month, we are supporting Just Like Us, a charity that sends volunteers into schools to champion LGBTQ+ equality, support schools to run LGBTQ+ and ally groups and organise a national campaign, School Diversity Week.


"More than ever, it is important for leaders to be cultivating a supportive, inclusive and engaging environment that brings people of all types together.

The cleaning industry has one of the most diverse workforces, we see this as one of our greatest strengths. It is our responsibility to create a safe and welcoming workplace. This is achieved by recognising unconscious biases and work to overcome them to achieve our vision of equality." - Russell Blunt, Office Manager at City & Essex.

This month, we will be assessing all our formal policies and procedures to ensure our core values include a commitment to equality, human rights and inclusive working.