UHUB Training - Diamond Engagement

UHUB Training - Diamond Engagement

1st December 2021

Here at City & Essex, we recognise the value of continuous professional development and the role this plays in the safety and efficiency of our services.

We are honoured to be awarded with the UhUb Diamond Engagement Accreditation, City & Essex are only the third UhUb member to reach this level of engagement.

Our team have worked tirelessly over the past year to achieve this, and we are incredibly grateful for them for this accomplishment.

What is Diamond Engagement?
Diamond is achieved by first hitting Platinum Engagement (100% of the workforce trained at all levels and maintaining 95% for a 3-month period), then holding a level of 95%+ of all staff trained for a further consecutive 12 months.

Commenting on the Diamond Engagement achievement, UhUb have said:

"As you can imagine, this accreditation demands and demonstrates a steady ongoing commitment to ensuring all in the business complete & maintain their UhUb Cleaning Training, from the top all the way to the latest new starter.
As our first ever customer it’s both gratifying and exciting to see City & Essex reach this incredible milestone."

We would also like to extend our thanks to UHUB for giving us the tools and drive to reach this milestone in our training programme, their support through this process has made this possible.

Our unique relationship with UhUb allows us to quickly introduce new modules and training content to our teams, such as a dedicated Covid-19 module, the use and maintenance of specialist cleaning equipment, and Equality & Diversity training.

Keeping our employees up-to-date and fully trained with the latest health & safety information, best practice, and industry changes is crucial in keeping our workforce safe, and it ensures our clients receive the best service.

By reaching this milestone we have set ourselves a new standard, and we are excited to build on this in the coming year.